Noodlesalad with Curry

Serves 4:

Ingredients for 4 persons:          

250 g noodles


1 tablespoons oil

250 g cooked ham

1 paket frozen green peas (300 g)

2 bunches leek onions 

1 red paprika

2 tablespoons mango-chutney

250 ml kefir 

2 tablespoons curry

1 teaspoon grinded coriander seed

2 cloves of garlic

1 slice fresh ginger (2 cm)

3 tablespoons soyasauce 

3 tablespoons sesame

preparation:Cook noodles in salt water with oil 8 minutes.

Cut ham in small pieces, mix with noodles, thawed green

peas, copped leek onions, chopped red paprika.

Stir mango-chutney with kefir, coriander, fine chopped 

garlic, fine chopped ginger and soyasauce. Spoon the salad-

sauce over the other ingredients. Before serving, season with 

salt, pepper and perhaps with a little bit of lemon juice.

Strew sesame over the salad.

recipe by Klaus Eberhardt

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